Social Responsibility Practice

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      1. CRBC Makes Donations to Kibera Hope Academy in Kenya

        On July 15, CRBC Kenya Office made donations to Kibera Hope Academy along the line of Nairobi Southern Ring Road Project, and the donated materials included 1.5t food stuffs, such as flour, rice, beans, sugar, cooking oil and so on, over 1600 pens, notebooks or teaching aids, 14 blackboards and 56 sets of desks and chairs; besides, it also repaired the school playground.

        Kibera slum, 9km away from Nairobi Southern Ring Road Project, is the largest slum in East Africa and the second largest in the world, having a permanent resident population of about 800 thousand; and it has become a pronoun of poverty, crime and disease. The houses in this region are mainly built of simple iron sheets, and the daily living cost per capita is less than USD 1, and over 10 thousand children are out of school. Kibera Hope Academy, established in 2008, is run by the council composed of 20 people; and there are 15 teachers and 3 staffs and the daily expenses and the salaries of the teachers and staff depend on the donations of the churches, community and charities. Now, the number of students increases to about 400 from 50; most of the students are from single-parent families and some are orphans, who face great difficulties in life. The tuition of every student is just 300 shillings/month (about USD 3.45), but 1/4 of the students still could not pay it at the end of every month.

        At the donation ceremony, the President Huainu James said, “We will never forget CRBC’s timely help and hope that the children will always remember it.”

        This donation was highly praised by the local government and people of the community, and the representatives of the county government and the education department attended the donation ceremony. Besides, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and the local mainstream media covered this event and this event played a positive role in enhancing the popularity and reputation of CRBC brand in Kenya. 

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