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          1. Investment

            As a subsidiary of a Global Fortune 500 company CCCC, CRBC can obtain great financial support from the capital market. Meanwhile, CRBC captivates favor and trust of numbers of domestic and foreign financial institutions through its long-standing reputation and consistent principle of mutually benefit and win-win mindset. Therefore, CRBC enjoys the strength of finding financial solutions.

            While keeping a leading position in the traditional construction industry, CRBC, with its powerful capital strength and financing capability, actively carries out investment businesses in the modes of BT, BOT and PPP.

            Apart from a series of achievements in real estate development, port operation, industrial projects and mining industry, it also attempts to conduct capital operations, such as investment, equity participation and mergers and acquisitions, in the projects such as urban complex, industrial parks, free trade zones and hydro power plant.




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            Connectivity brings changes and it in turn creates value. CRBC will continue to provide higher-quality products and service for the clients with an international vision, a high sense of social responsibility and unprecedented courage. With high aspirations and determination to forge ahead, being professional and perseverant, faithful with integrity, CRBC commits itself to the highest quality product and securing the most promising future.


            If you are interested in being a partner and develop together with us, please contact us and we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

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