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              Shaping Tomorrow Together


              China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) is one of the four large State-owned companies in China that earliest entered into the international engineering contracting market, which mainly undertakes contracting, investment, development and operation of projects such as road, bridge, port, railway, airport, tunnel, real estate and industrial park. With branches and offices in nearly 60 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, CRBC has established an efficient and rapid global market development network, which has becoming an important carrier, window and platform of overseas businesses of CCCC, a Global Fortune 500 company.


              All the achievements owe to the effort of all the staff. During the course of international operation, CRBC has reserved a batch of compound talents with extensive overseas experience, prominent business ability, great familiarities with cross-culture management and foreign language proficiency. In the future, CRBC will give play to its unique advantages in international talents cultivation, further enhance the training of talents via its overseas training bases, speed up the growth of talents, absorb foreign high-end business and management personnel and reserve more international and multi-skill talents. In this way, the company can be an incubation platform for international talents and provide talent support for international priority development.


              Turning Vision into Value


              We can offer you interesting tasks, fascinating projects, an international working environment, and excellent career opportunities. With CRBC, you will be a part of the great course and find countless opportunities to learn and grow. If you want to explore the beauty of all kinds of projects connect and shape the world, if you want to be part of an excellent team in all aspects, if you want to build the future, please choose a place from the following list where you want to work most and contact the e-mail address for more information.

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              LOCATION Agency Email Address Fax
              Angola Angola Office 00244-222327003
              Togo Togo Office 00228-2614621
              Cote d'Ivoire Cote d'Ivoire Office 00225-22472193
              Mali Mali Office 00223-44901728
              Senegal Senegal Branch 00221-338686567
              Ghana Ghana Branch

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