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          Honors for Projects Honors for Science & Technology Honors for Management Honors for Corporate Social Responsibilities
          • China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Prize

          • International Arab Trophy Award

          • China National Engineering Luban Prize (Overseas Project)

          • Gold Mercury International Award

          • National Excellent Construction Enterprise

          • National High Quality Engineering Award

          • The Top 60 Chinese Contractors

          • ENR The Top 225 International Contractors Award

          • National Award for Science and Technology Progress

          • High and New Technology Enterprise Certificate

          • CHES' Yu-the-Great Hydraulic Engineering Science & Technology Award

          • Tax-Paying Credit Class-A Enterprise

          • Advanced Collective of Central Enterprise

          • Advanced Unit of Central Enterprises in Ideological and Political Work

          • AAA Credit Enterprise Rated by International Project Contracting Enterprise Credit

          • National Advanced Enterprise in Construction Industry

          • “Leading Enterprise” in 2012 Performance Evaluation on Social Responsibilities of Chinese International Contractors

          • China-Africa Friendship Award-the Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa

          • Gold Prize for Corporate Social Responsibilities of Chinese International Contractors

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